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Got the travel bug? Pack your bags and grab your camera! Our vacation tours will show you all the sights in the places you've always wanted to visit - all at the right pace.

You may choose between 1) escorted tours with all transportation, accommodations and sight seeing and with a full time tour guide or 2) independent travel tours with transportation, accommodations and local hosts and sight seeing packages in each city or 3) travel on your own with self drive and hotel voucher packages or 4) fully independent trips with all components separately booked, many on your own as you travel. .

Call us today at 952-474-366 to let us choose the destination and type of touring best for you.  We do not charge any service fees for this priceless service!

Debe did an excellent job! I've been looking for a reliable, dependable travel agent for some time. She put extra effort into tweaking itineraries, saving costs and getting the best hotels. Well done!

- A Happy TAI Customer

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